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. then there is flashlights for fighters on the roof. we're here off of vienna street and the nearest cross is avlon. you can see quite a few firefighters standing in the street there. initially we are hearing reports that there was a big fire. they came and were able to knock it down but they did send out another crew. they were going through all of the rooms when they discovered a body. we are waiting for the captain to speak with us to give us more information here. this is a very congested sort of area if you are familiar with this district. the streets are narrower and things are close to together. if you pan over to the right, you can see we have fire trucks blocking a lot of streets here. if you do live in this neighborhood, you know this investigation is probably going to take some time. arson is on the scene here. you want to avoid this area here on vienna. it's the 100 block of vienna. we will hopefully discuss the details here with sf fire department and bring you the latest coming up in the next half hour. live from san francisco i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the fate of suspend sher
the excellior area avoid vienna street -- this is near silver i would avoid vienna between silver and south of that area. also, freeway traffic fine at this point, 280 and 101 back to oakland fatal accident still blocks 7th at maritime blocking the on-ramp to 880, 880 itself flowing well through oakland. light traffic everywhere else. bay bridge toll delay-free now. >> san mateo bridge also looking good westbound is past the toll on the right. no s on 880 or 101 -- 101 on the peninsula, quiet in the south bay. if you are come going the north bay here's a live shot of the golden gate bridge you might encounter mist and drizzle, no traffic into san francisco at this point. >>> mike encountered some of that, you didn't, interesting. >> he got it from the bay bridge, but not from the golden gate. >>> new ranking names california airport among the three worst in the nation. we'll tell you which one in the america's money report. >>> traffic safety officials launch new program reminding parents not to leave infants and children alone in cars. >>> heads-up caltrans is giving about the labor day cl
takoma and forest glen on the red line. on the orange line, buses will replace trains between vienna and east falls church. vienna dunn loring, west falls church will be closed. >> students in the district montgomery, and loudoun county is returning to school on monday. montgomery county public schools tomorrow and will hold the back- to-school fare from 11:00 until 2:00 at the carver educational services center in rockville. i will be at the event handing out t-shirts along with my colleague jummy olabanji and john gonzalez and brianne carter are. bring your students. it's going to be a good day. >> we are looking at 69 degrees early on this friday morning. >> local police officer killed in a line of duty will be honored during tomorrow's redskins game at fedex field. >> [unintelligible] >> allow the nationals to pay for it. >> some fans crying foul. it has to do with captioned by the national captioning institute >> the man responsible for one of the worst mass killings ever has been found sane by a judge in norway. anders breivik killed 77 people in a dual attac
francisco two are dead after an overnight house fire. it happened on vienna street. an investigation into the cause of the flames is underway. >>> good morning. that's where we will begin. amy hollyfield has been on the scene since 4:30 this morning. she joins us now. the fire chief has just arrived? >> reporter: that's right. the fire chief sin sigh the home now. firefighters say it -- chief inside the home now. fires say it is unusual to have two fatalities the is here to review everything and check on this case and how it was handled. it is being considered a crime scene because of the two fatalities. firefighters arrived about 3:30 this morning when they got here 20 fewesque upstairs was on -- 25% of the upstairs was on fire there was a lot of smoke they were surprised to find a lot of stuff. they state was tough to navigate around it. they knew they needed to get in and move around this home as quickly as possible. >> crews agrees sill took a hose line to cover them says and up to the front stairs to go ahead and effect a rescue for possible occupants. they were contained with v
northeast a couple of moderate showers just north of vienna but potentially stronger storms this afternoon. we'll talk about that and the weekend outlook in the seven day forecast when 9news now at noon returns. >>> today, i am one-on-one with susan kudhafin, she's president and ceo of alzheimer's association national capitol area chapter and recently there was an outpouring of concern and love after the prince george's county executive rashern baker announced his wife had early onset dementia. a part of alzheimer's. and we send our love and our prayers to his family. it is a devastating diagnosis for most people. i've been involved with alzheimer's association for some time and i know. my mother had dementia. how serious is apples humanners now? what are the numbers? -- alzheimer's now? what are the numbers? >> right now jc, there are 5.4 million people in the country that have been diagnosed with alzheimer's and 200,000 people have been diagnosed with younger onset. so less than 5% of the population has younger onset but the diagnostic tools as well as the awareness and thanks to you for
know that roads are blocked in the area is on the vienna and the road to block between avalon and crew. there would be that until the to make sure the building is secure and that everything is all clear. wants to get more information we will update you. >>> someone in a vehicle being pursued by the california highway patrol died when his his or her car crashed the port of vulcan's morning. the patrol car was chasing a vehicle shortly before 1:00 this morning. it crashed in the intersection of seventh and maritime street. some in the car and died in the crash. >>> more american deaths in afghanistan today. two u.s. service members were shot to death after can police officer did be funded. they can the officer the weapon as a gift. they're now seven recent cases of international forces being fired upon by a member of the afghan security forces or someone wearing a uniform. >>> a teenage boy has a life- threatening injuries after being shot last night in san jose. to respond to reports of shooting on cinders avenue on the city's east side. they found a male teacher with one gunshot wound.
covering breaking news due to this fire. i would avoid vienna near silver and just avoid that stretch south of mission in the excelsior area. following fatal crash in oakland on city streets, 7th at maritime you may want to consider alternate such as west grand. pretty quiet elsewhere in terms of traffic especially on the freeways. looking good san mateo bridge westbound on the right past the toll, no trouble at all very light heading eastbound out of foster city no problems 101 on the peninsula. fog as you head across the golden gate bridge, so far traffic is light out of the north bay into san francisco. >>> this sunday please join us for a half hour special called "just like me." about an incredible organization providing free camphor children with life-threatening or life altering conditions. cheryl jennings takes us inside the foundation in livermore. meet heroic campers struggling with health issues. you will meet the inspiring people who make it happen. our pegs report airs here on abc 7, 6:30 p.m. this sunday. >> state superintendent of schools is pushing educators to embrace the us
, a crash before fairfax drive. tow trucks in the left lane. now a new crash in vienna near nutley street east on 66. you're watching 9news now. thanks for joining us this morning. we'll be right back. >>> thank you for starting your day with us. i'm andrea roane. >>> i'm mike hydeck. meteorologist howard bernstein is live on the weather terrace. i think we have a shot of the jefferson memorial. 78 degrees there. looks like there's a little haze in the air. we'll get the details from mr. bernstein on the weather terrace. >> hazy and muggy. i'm out here in the thick of it here in northwest d.c. the humidity levels way up once again this morning. the muggies are here. there's been a little break up north. slightly drier air has filtered into places in upper montgomery county, howard, loudoun county and points north west of that where it doesn't feel too bad. it is sticky here this morning. here's a look at our day planner. we're looking outside at tysons corner. clouds breaking up sm. we have high thin clouds. 85 by noon again with the high thin clouds and 88 at 5:00. a stray shower or stor
. that is right they have confirmed two people have died and they lived in a home here off of vienna street. it's the white one that has a lot of black stuff sort of coming out of the front window there. we tried to speak to some neighbors but they were too overcome with emotion to talk. we are told that the elderly men that lived at this home were you know well known in the neighborhood and the flames broke out around 3:30 this morning. it was a one alarm fire. about 65 firefighters on the scene. there was live wires at the home next door. crews had to secure that area to make sure service safe for firefighters to get in there. we did speak to the assistant chief. here's what he said. >> trickiest part is the heat and smoke and debris. it was a combined effort to go ahead and have a fire fight to secure the area to do the search and also confronting that fire and keeping it at bay when we remove the victim. >> reporter: firefighters say they found the victims in separate parts of the home. one of the victims we know is found on the top floor. we're not sure if this fire broke out on the top fl
is live above the scene of the crash eastbound 66 here at the vienna metro. that is a great shot sky fox. coming eastbound, we have the left lab blocked here at the vienna metro. the delays are stacking up through vienna. traveling between 123 and nutley street, you are hitting a backup as you continue inbound towards the capital beltway. so 66, a tough commute early this morning. it will take a while for recovery here as you work your way in from the west headed in towards 495 and beyond. may want to think about gw parkway using that as your workaround. accident activity tying up the westbound stretch of the prince william parkway. westbound lanes still blocked. eastbound lanes are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. >>> sikh worshippers all over the world are condemning the shooting in wisconsin over the weekend. >> the fbi is still trying to determine why the gunman walked into a temple and started shooting people. lauren demarco is following latest live in the newsroom. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. although authorities won't speculate on a motiv
traffic along and 95, a green light in both directions between front royal vienna, good between fredericksburg and springfield. on good inside the beltway through falls church. nothing across the 14th street bridge. travel times in our favor on 270. out for nfle fall johnson, and charged with domestic battery against of just one month. the miami dolphins terminated his contract. vhi has pulled a couple pose a show.y johnson is accused of wife during an argument. police have released the 911 by a neighbor after that incident. on thehas a knife cut forehead. to neede it's going stitches. person, so weile might need to keep this as quiet possible. >> some dolphins players have defended johnson, saying he was andy should've got another chance. the coaches said the johnson just was not going to work. that is something. is 73 degrees. >> still ahead, talk about a find in florida, this e on has [ mom ] dear chex cereal, i've never written a fan letter before, but you've done the impossible. you made gluten free cereals in a whole bunch of yummy flavors. cinnamon chex and honey n
. >> if you ride metro, you may worth to add some time to your commute this weekend. no. 5, the vienna, dunn loring and west falls church station on the orange line are closed until monday morning. buses will replace trains between vienna and east falls church and singing tracking on the red line. no. 4, the state of maryland wants public input on hospital policy breastfeeding recommendations. the hospital may recommend giving newborns only breast milk unless medically indicated and not allowing pacifiers or artificial nipples to breastfeeding infants in the hospital unless medically indicated. no. 3, a possible alzheimer's disease treatment from drugmaker eli lilly has failed to slow mental decline in two late stage studies, but it did show promise in patients with mild cases of the disease. now there is no cure for alzheimer's which affects a person's memory and ability to think. no. 2, tobacco companies will not be required to place graphic health warnings on their cigarette packages. a federal appeals court tossed out the government mandate saying the fda failed to prove the labels would
falls, 81 vienna, 82 bethesda, 84 college park, 82 bowie. we had no hurricanes in the month of july. i talk about that on my blog at is it common or uncommon? economic it out. heating up with more storm -- check it out. heating up with more storms, isolated storms, hot tomorrow, a dry morning commute, afternoon storms, some heavy, some severe possibly. tonight isolated storms, partly cloudy, mild, 66 to 74, a suppose a little muggy downtown. tomorrow morning -- i suppose a little muggy downtown. tomorrow morning 70s and 80s, wind light southwest 5 to 10, by afternoon thursday partly cloudy, hot, thunderstorms, some heavy, some severe, high temperatures 90 to 95 and winds southwest 5 to 10. next three days our 9 weather alert codes all yellow, 93 thursday with storms, hot, hot friday with storms, 95. notice we have a little stronger icon, more rain, better chance of storms friday. then on saturday look for thunderstorms and still hot, temperatures also in the mid- 90s. the next seven days it stays hot. we're in the mid-90s sunday, not record breaking heat, isolated storms
much of the south. budapest at 36 degrees. vienna still looking at 33. that's well above average. here in madrid, that's almost 40 degrees. still, 39. finally, that will be giving a relief in towards the end of the week. returning back it normal. already, paris looking at normal territories at 26 degrees. here's your extended forecast. >>> we'll be back with more updates in 30 minutes. i'm gene otani in tokyo.
in warsaw. 37 in vienna, to the north of the jet stream. just in upper teens in stockholm and moscow. i will leave you now to your extended forecast. >>> that's all for this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for joining us.
. not so good. pressure fooling. temperature wise, you're looking, not bad. 84 vienna. 84 arlington. and 85 in college park. but humid and sticky out there. so, heating up a bit. isolated storms tonight. somewhat hot tomorrow. hot on thursday, and scattered storms continue wednesday, thursday, and friday, and some could be hefty. especially as we get into friday as a cold front approaches on friday. next three days, we're going to keep it code yellow. because of the storms, possible storms tomorrow, 91. big storms possible on friday. temperatures near 90. next seven days, we've had to hang on, the front will not go. it will be okay for sunday and monday with temperatures in the upper 80s and around 90 next tuesday. there you have it, no real concern with the tornado warnings. >> kristen berset is out at redskins park where the training camp is ending and the real stuff is about to begin. >> we are two days away. today they had fun. it was family day. they just got rid of the inflatable slide and the inflatable moon bounce. i didn't get to partake today. now they focus on what is at hand a
europe keeping things sunny and expecting a decent warm up. vienna with a high of 30 here on your thursday. behind it, a cool down. london with a hive 19. paris 23. expected to get down to 18 on your friday. a little bit of a cool down here across portions of western europe. here's a look at your extended forecast. >>> we'll be back with more updates in 30 minutes. i'm gene otani in tokyo.
in arlington, 85 in vienna, 84 fairfax, 88 in college park, 85 in bowie, so really not too bad. we're looking for the front just to our south, isolated storms tonight but just mainly south now of fredericksburg. tomorrow pretty nice, grab your shades, a little hot thursday and scattered storms again. tonight early thunderstorm possible south of town, otherwise partly cloudy, mild, 66 to 74, winds east, southeast at 10. by morning partly cloudy, warm, air quality moderate. that's not bad, 70s and 80s, wind southeast at 10. by afternoon partly cloudy, warm, a few isolated storms but pretty nice tuesday, high temps near 90 and winds out of the southwest at 10 to 15. next three days, we'll give it code green tomorrow in our 9 weather alert code, isolated storm 89, code yellow wednesday, 90 and 92 thursday, hot with thunderstorms as well. next seven days, good news, a frontal system comes through friday. that will give us another chance for some storms, near 90 and if all goes according to plan, that front stays to our south. we stay in the 80s on sat, sunday and next monday which actually -- satu
comfortable. 80 in great falls. 82 in vienna. 83 in bethesda. 83 in college park and 81 in bowie. okay, we're looking at the chance for big storms tomorrow. comfortable tonight. almost hot tomorrow. a little sticky, too. afternoon storms. some could be heavy, some could be severe and the main threat would be hail and strong, gusty winds. tonight, no worries. open the windows. low 66 to 74. winds southwest at 10. inside the beltway in downtown. low to mid 70s. plenty of 60s north and west. 67 in gaithersburg. 68 in rockville. 68 in reston. 68 in fairfax. and even 68 over in bowie. 70 in college park. now tomorrow morning, i think we'll be dry, partly sunny. 70s and 80s. by afternoon, partly sunny conditions, almost hot, scattered storms. some heavy, some severe. high temperatures near 90. winds out of the sow west at 10. all right, next three days, code yellow because of the potential. 88. isolated storm on wednesday. 88. isolated storm on thursday, 90. we'll go code green wednesday and thursday. next seven days, hot on friday. low 90s. cold front comes through friday night. and that will g
. we were the first ones in japan to host the vienna opera. >> reporter: one week before the competition, more than 20 teams are making their final preparations. they have competed in the asakusa carnival every year. they have won 18 out of 30 competitions and are a force to be reckoned with. but champions aren't made overnight. this team has more than 300 members. they practice for an entire year to prepare for a single 50-minute routine. >> translator: we're all practicing so hard for that one hot, summer day. all of us are in this together as one. >> translator: my heart is racing. the band is starting to come together. >> reporter: the samba lover is in charge of everything from the costumes to song selection, even the choreography. the 20-year dance veteran has even performed at the carnival in rio. his team took second place last year, but this time he hopes for better. >> translator: at the real carnival, there are ballet dancers, jazz dancers, actors and circus performers. the asakusa carnival has certain elements that appeal to the japanese audience. >> reporter:
eastbound coming in from fair oaks, no problems headed eastbound in towards vienna. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. on-timetraffic. >> thank you. >>> police in hyattsville are so fed up with the widespread graffiti there, they are about to buy new automatic cameras, hoping to catch vandals and artists. back in may, the city council approved the purchase of the anti-graffiti cameras and in july, a federal program for local police told the city it was getting 11,000 for the equipment. tonight at 8:00, the council votes to approve that purchase. >>> three parking lot attendants at the smithsonian's air and space annex in chantilly are accused of taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in parking fees. they were arrested saturday. they are charged with stealing at least $400,000 in parking fees starting in 2009. now, according to court documents, all three were caught on camera, unplugging vehicle counters so the stolen funds would not be missed. the charges carry up to 10 years in prison. >>> the maryland legislature will hold a special session starting latter this week to discus
are reflected there, budapest at 37 degrees. and we're looking at vienna still at 32 and madrid, 39 degrees. here's our extended forecast. >>> once again our lead story -- human rights activists say the latest fighting between syrian government troops and opposition forces has claimed the lives of dozens more civilians. spokespersons for the london-based syrian observatory for human rights say reports suggest more than 100 people were killed on sunday alone. they say about half of the victims were unarmed civilians. they got caught up in fierce battles in the capital damascus in the southern city of daraa. president bashar al assad's forces have been carrying out air strikes in some places. they have warned opposition fighters in the commercial capital aleppo to surrender or face full-scale attacks. >>> we'll be back with more updates in 30 minutes. i'm gene otani in tokyo. from all of us here at nhk world, thanks for joining us.
separate rooms for everybody. he wants to vienna the program for future generations. this is about 35 minutes. >> and now, ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure and a privilege to introduce to you, united states congressman from the state of wisconsin, and the next vice president of the united states, ladies and gentlemen, congressman paul ryan. >> hey, everybody. hey, everybody, how are you? oh, wow. i want to introduce to you my mom. this is my mom, betty. she's why i'm here. she and her grand kids are why i'm here. say hi to my mom, betty. thanks, mom. have a seat, mom. friends, we have a big choice to make. this is no ordinary election. it's not an ordinary time. we have a choice. we can stay on the path we are on, the one president obama has put us on. it's a nation deeper in debt. it's a nation further in doubt. it's a nation in decline. or we can elect a leader, a leader who will make the tough decisions, who will apply our founding principles, get us back on track, restore the american idea and get people back to work. you see, president obama and other politicians like him
. 84 in bowie. the temperatures are nice. 87 in vienna. 83 out toward reston. so, we're looking at the pow ten potential storms. threats, hail, damaging wind. and maybe an isolated tornado. less and less concerned about that. especially west and north of town. secure your loose objects, though. go ahead and put your umbrellas down and get the small tables inside. tonight, thunderstorms, some heavy or severe. mostly cloudy, mild. low 68 to 74. winds out of the southeast at 10. a little muggy inside the beltway. low to mid 70s there. a sprinkling of 60s, but not as comfortable as last night. 69 in sterling, but 72 in college park and 74 downtown. now tomorrow morning, partly sunny, warm, maybe a late shower. the morning commute should be dry. 70s and 80s. notice the winds turn north, northwest at 10. by afternoon, partly cloudy and warm. just an isolated thunderstorm. but those that develop could still be hefty. high temperatures in the upper 80s. winds westerly at 10. so, we'll break it down for you. 68 to 74 to start. left over clouds. by noon, just warm. 82 to 86. and then by
be sufficient until november of next year. >>> officials talking nuclear safety in vienna are eager to hear what their coworkers have to say. they are discussing standards at plants. the atomic energy agency is hosting representatives from 75 countries and organizations. they are party to organizations of nuclear safety. officials say they should learn from the accident at fukushima daiichi. >> it is essential that all of us maintain our sense of urgency -- >> japan's lead delegates said a government agency in charge of nuclear safety failed to respond effectively after the accident. the officials said the japanese government will set up a more independent organization to ensure the safe control of nuclear energy. thousands of children were in the area at the time of the nuclear disaster at fukushima daiichi. the japanese government wants to find out how they were affected. it will conduct thyroid tests on children outside the prefecture. it will compare the results to tests already under way in fukushima. healthcare officials discovered lumps in one in three children in the prefecture. radio ac
bethesda, 86 arlington, 88 college park, 84 bowie, pretty nice. even out west 85 great falls, vienna, 88 in sterling. so a front is just to our south where most of the storms will be tonight just south of us. grab your shades tomorrow, pretty nice day. kind of hot by thursday, not crazy and then more scattered storms again each afternoon. as we go through the week, the chances go up a little. early thunderstorm possible south of town tonight, partly cloudy, mile, lows between 66 and 74 downtown. a little muggy. by morning partly cloudy and warm, 70s and 80s, air quality in the moderate range which is actually pretty good for summertime really and then by afternoon partly cloudy and warm, isolated thunderstorms, high temperatures by afternoon near 90. winds will pick up a little out of the southwest at 10 to 15. so we'll break it down then. 66 to 76 to start and 82 to 86 by noon. so warm by lunchtime, not hot. 86 to 90 by evening, isolated thunderstorm possible. 9 weather alert codes, we'll keep tomorrow green and go yellow wednesday and thursday, 90 wednesday, some storms possible, a bet
of mercury. temperatures, 84 bethesda and vienna and fairfax, 87 springfield and college park. the final numbers were not in for july, but we were not as hot as last july. isolated storms tonight, hot tomorrow, a dry thursday commute and more thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and evening and some of those could be on the hefty side. for tonight partly cloudy and mild, mid-60s in the burbs, tomorrow morning partly cloudy, warm, 70s and 80s. air quality jumps into the unhealthy range. it actually did that this afternoon. by afternoon tomorrow hot, some thunderstorms, highs 90 to 95. our code will be yellow the next three days, 93 hearse, hot with storms, 90 five -- 93 thursday, hot with storms, 95 friday. it stays hot on sunday, isolated storms on sunday, mid- 90s. the cold front on monday gives us a much better chance of storms and right around 90 positive tuesday and wednesday. can you believe -- on tuesday and wednesday. can you believe it last summer was even hotter than this one? >> yeah. >>> kristen berset is out at redskins park. >> how do you file kristen? >> reporter: if feels jus
on a home on vienna street. and there is fr firefighters blame clutter in the home for keeping rescuers to reach them. >> there are piles and piles of thing autos it's a reminder to people make sure that you try to keep your house in order, it's making it difficult in this situation. >> and crews responded to smolder things like old newspapers that had been piled from floor apparently up to the ceiling. >> there is cal osha investigators contra ducting a call over last monday's refinery fire, ruling out the possibility a fire truck with an idling engine was the source, officials say the engine was equipped with a shut off device that detects air borne hydrocarbons. and neighborhood skies were engulf bid fire and officials say 9,000 people went to emergency rooms for breathing problems possibly caused by that smoke. >> there is regulators opened an investigation and a male technician wearing a personal alarm system on a lanyard. a patient grabbed it and choked him. the system was just introduced this week. and administrators looking to wear the lanyards until new clip arrive. some are wo
... il divo estará mañana jueves 09 de agosto en el wolf trap en la 1645 trap road vienna, virginia... a las ocho de la noche... y el condado de baltimore vibrará con el festival latino de maryland... tan cerca como este próximo domingo 09 de agosto... a través de nuestra página web rifamos dos entradas vip y la persona ganadora es karen contreras de silver spring, felicidades...
towards lorton and church and vienna have just a few sprinkles. downpour 40 minutes ago in chantilly and restaurant with lightning and thunder has started to dissipate. southern cal county, south of westminster, a little downpour. we will see the rain become more radar screen,the ofe numerous in terms storms into the afternoon and evening. creepy performance of yesterday. kind of a repeat performance of yesterday. helen, maryland, they received 1.2 inches. big meadows received 1.2 inches almost. action of shore, off carolina coast. new england if there's an area of low pressure. maryland and virginia beach's got heavy rainfall. 83 degrees in washington, 71 at dulles airport now./ 80 degrees in martinsburg. on our way to nearly 90 degrees downpours, lightning and thunder. to an end by midnight, temperatures dropping down to nearly 70. tomorrow, dry and hot, low to 90's the next couple days with storm chances again by the weekend. all right. thanks so much. new york mayor michael bloomberg once the city's providing babyop to new mothers as part of a breast feeding initiative. he says i
sprinkles in springfield and in manassas. wolf trap, vienna, crossing the ,oll road and towards route 7 267, that is pushing to the generally isd staying west of the beltway. cross into potomac, maryland, momentarily. there's a break from the rain in the the most part theatlantic and across washington area. off to our west there are storms ohio, getting begin in west virginia and kentucky. that's a cold front. with all the sunshine we have region, that is atmosphere.g our it looks nice with sunshine, but not such a good thing. the more sunshine, your chance of strong to severe storms. it adds to the instability of the atmosphere. we have a slight risk of severe storms today. in terms of risk factors, a line, dusty, damaging wind locally. that seems to be the biggest threat. that's followed by flash floods. more heavy rainfall today. hail is the next biggest risk afternoon. locally, around sunset. earlier, to the west. locally, don't anticipate much until around and sunset. this will last into parts of the nighttime and when you wake up have aw morning we will showers, especially along and e
.94 inches of mercury. mainly 80s. 88 in rockville. 83 in vienna. it's cooler in fairfax, because you have a shower. 84 in arlington. 88 in college park. cold front on friday. we'll focus on that. that's going to be interesting friday afternoon and evening. isolated storms. hot and humid tomorrow, yes. some afternoon storms tomorrow and severe storms are possible on friday and we're going to watch that very, very carefully. for tonight, early thunderstorm possible. some heavy, more south. 68 to about 76. next three days, we're going to go code yellow, code yellow, code green. a few storms, much better chance of severe weather on friday. 89. and then green on saturday. maybe a morning shower. we should salvage the afternoon temperatures in the upper 80s. next seven days, should be in great shape by sunday. sunshine, upper 80s. maybe a storm monday, tuesday, back in the low 90s and low 90s on wednesday as well. we'll have sports right after this. stay tuned. >>> now, 9sports with kristen berset. the best sports in town. >> the wildly popular shark week begins in less than a week. the nation
falls. not too bad. 82 in vienna. rain cooled 70s in reston and fairfax. 86 in college park. 83 up in laurel. all right, so we are watching very carefully a cold front on friday. that's going to be a big event late friday afternoon and friday evening. isolated storm possible tonight. hot and humid tomorrow. some storms possible tomorrow, but the real deal is going to be friday. severe storms are possible on friday. right now, we are code yellow. we may have to increase that to code red. we'll keep you posted. for tonight, early thunderstorm possible, some heavy. more to the south. lows 68 to 76. so most folks in the 70s tonight. tomorrow morning, almost hot by lunchtime. 72 to 92. should stay dry. cannot rule out an isolated shower. air quality code orange. if you have respiratory problems. isolated storms, some could be hefty. high temperatures near 95 tomorrow. next three days, we'll keep code yellow, then saturday will be code green. warm with early showers. temperatures back into the upper 80s. less humid on saturday. next seven days, upper 80s on sunday. not too bad. next week
park and 78 in vienna. we're looking at should stay dry for the nats. that storm will stay north of them. isolated shower possible. storms mainly south. still comfortable. wednesday, looks okay. temperatures in check. and a slight chance of a shower or storm. next few days, green, green, green. 89 on friday. a little warmer on friday, but a slight chance of a shower. next seven days, i'm going to keep the chance of a shower over the weekend. i have the word nice, because it will be nice. not enough shower activity to change your plans. upper 80s saturday and around 90 on sunday and around 90 on monday and tuesday. more storms late tuesday. this one storm should be okay. >> should be okay. >> here you go. >> big preseason game coming up, a dapperly dressed dave owens. check out this. tell us about it. g i'm all dapper and ready to go. how to decipher the numbers and the game film when it comes to quarterbacks. that's what i'm talking about. the air waves seem to be a buzz. we'll talk about him. the nats keep on trucking. i'll tell you how coming up after the break. >>> and now,
now, clear skies. it's still warm. temperatures, 88 bethesda, 90 great falls, 86 vienna, 90 in arlington, 94 in college park, 85 in bowie. let's talk about what we can expect, a great night for baseball, i mean perfect. 92 first pitch 84 last pitch winds west, northwest 10 to 15. it's a great night for whatever you want to do, go see the nats, take a walk. it's not humid. isolated storms tomorrow, but don't change your plans and more storms on sunday and even more storms on labor day of clear to partly cloudy tonight, breezy, mild, 68 to 74, not as cool as last night. we had some low to mid-60s last night, gaithersburg, rockville upper 60s tonight, 69 reston, fairfax, sterling. downtown is in the low 70s. tomorrow morning mostly sunny, breezy, warm, 70s and 80s, perfectly respectable and by afternoon we're looking at temperatures around 90. it's going to be kind of hot but just an isolated shower or storm possible. do not cancel those tee times. never. next three days green tomorrow, code green, 91, but we'll go code yellow sunday and labor day, 86 sunday, primarily afternoo
vienna and fairfax, 87 college park, 83 in bowie. baseball forecast, we're hosting the cardinals. 76 to 85 your temperatures, 85 to start, 76 to finish, perfect night for baseball. not quite as cool, though, tonight. in fact, temperatures got down to the low 60s up around damascus and down into the 40s in canaan valley this morning. the weekend we do feel we'll have some showers and thunderstorms from isaac. clear and mild tonight, not as cool, 64 to 72, winds out of the southwest at 10. inside the beltway downtown talking about low 70s, but very comfortable north and west, 64 gaithersburg, 65 reston, 64 leesburg, 68 in college park. friday morning, mostly sunny, warming up, 70s and 80s, winds out of the southwest at 10. by afternoon mostly sunny and hot but not humid, high temperatures near 95 and winds west, southwest at 10. next three days we'll keep it green tomorrow, hot but not humid, 94. we'll keep it green saturday, isolated storm, 91. you don't have to change your plans. sunday code yellow, scattered thunderstorms especially in the afternoon, high temperatures in the upper 8
. 83 in bethesda. 85 in great falls. 83 also in vienna. 83 in fairfax. 88 in college park. and 81 over in bowie. so the next three days, we're going to keep it code green. 89 tomorrow. isolated storm. fantastic. i mean, fantastic on wednesday. in the wake of the front, low humidity. comfortably warm. 85. nice for the last preseason game. 91, hotter on thursday, but not crazy humid. next seven days, well it gets hotter. it gets into the mid 90s on friday and then this is interesting, derek. you might not think it's interesting. we have showers and thunderstorms on saturday, sunday, and labor day and what is that from? hurricane isaac, perhaps. that would be isaac remnants. we'll get some rain showers. >> i don't find that interesting. labor day weekend is going to be cloudy and rainy. >> uh-huh. >> we'll be back. >>> in the mail bag tonight, disappointment and some hollywood maryland didn't like the way we handled that story of the presidential candidate, mitt romney's, birth certificate joke in michigan. he did not use president obama's name. he joked about something that had been a
, 79 downtown, college park and to the west 77 in vienna. so a brief delay is possible at the nats game, some storms tonight especially between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. by the stadium. storms end by 10:00 and cool and comfortable tonight. futurecast, we'll put this into motion now and stop it at 7:30. they weaken as they approach i- 95, the storms. by 8:30 they kind of break up, should be fine, still some clouds and after that everything goes through. we see breaks in the clouds as early as 10:30 tonight. next three days we'll keep it code green for tuesday, wednesday, thursday. yes, some storms are possible, but nothing crazy, not hot, temperatures low to mid-80s across the board. next seven days it gets better really. friday we're in pretty good shape. we could still see a shower, but not going to get hot. mid-80s, maybe a sprinkles, upper 80s sunday and monday, but i think we can probably handle that. we'll keep you posted on these storms, nothing severe but kind of heavy. >> the timing, it's important. we'll be back with sports and a big series ahead for the no. 1 nats. we'll be right back
in bethesda. 80 in fairfax. 79 in vienna. 85 in college park. 81 over in bowie. so, your headlines look like this. great for late august. turn off the ac tonight. if not tonight, should do it tomorrow night. you'll need your shades tomorrow, and a fantastic forecast for the redskin game. temperatures in the 60s. you might want to bring a light sweater or jacket. clear to partly cloudy tonight, comfortable, low 52 to 70. next three days, we'll keep it code green. tomorrow, spectacular, 84. thursday is fantastic, 88. and friday hotter, but not bad. temperatures in the mid 90s, but dry. next seven days, we get into saturday. a shower or thunderstorm possible. the bulk of the day looks okay. better chance for showers and storms on sunday. even a better chance on labor day. we can thank isaac for those storms and back up to 90 on tuesday under partly cloudy skies. >> thank you, top. we'll be talking to you as the evening goes on. we'll be back in a minute. >>> in the mail bag tonight, redskins fans seeing the pain -- feeling the pain of seeing a favorite be cut. devastation to redskins nation. y
temps are great. 80 in bethesda, 82 vienna, 79 in fairfax. that's a pretty good deal and 83 in college park. we're looking at locate the umbrella, rain coming, might need it tonight. you will need it saturday. i think you will be wetter saturday afternoon than morning. we're kind of slicing hairs, though, and still wet sunday, especially in the morning. tonight mostly cloudy, comfortable, some showers, maybe a late thunderstorm, low temperatures in the 60s, winds easterly at 10. next three days code yellow saturday and sunday because of the thunderstorm chances, 79 saturday, 83 sun, nice monday, even a thunderstorm possible, but still pretty nice, temperatures around 90. we'll make it code green. next seven days near 90 tuesday, isolated storm and wednesday we have a little cloud. that is what's left of isaac trying to duck south of us and go out to sea which is kind of a shame. we could use some of that rain. it's nice thursday, hot by next friday, maybe 90s. >> look at the change, wow. >> big time change. >> haven't had 90s for a while, okay. >>> look, the redskins had a good event t
threat will be west of town. 81 right now in bethesda. still 85 in rockville. 83 in vienna, 84 in old town. 84 also in college park. so, we're looking at severe storms possible. critical time between now and 1:00 a.m. main threats are hail and damaging wind. isolated tornadoes, but i'm not concerned about that as we were earlier. and secure loose objects. you have time in the immediate metro area to walk the dog and put down your umbrella on your porch or patio. thunderstorms tonight, some heavy or severe. lows 68 to 74. winds out of the southeast at 10. a little sticky inside the beltway. tonight we're talking mid to low 70s. a smattering of 60s north and west. 69 in gaithersburg. 70 in reston. 70 in fairfax and 72 over toward college park and bowie. tomorrow morning, a late shower possible, but a dry morning commute. 70s and 80s. by afternoon, isolated storms tomorrow and those that develop could be hefty. they'll be isolated. winds westerly at 10. next three days, because of those isolated storms, 87. code green on thursday. great day. hot, but not humid. and more storms on friday.
/2 hours for those of you at the gnats game. watch the showers west of vienna. steady but slow progress to the east-southeast at 10 to 15 miles per hour. we will watch this coming on through here in a little bit. i think it will be east of d.c. by about 8:00 or so. let's switch over and i will show you sentinel radar. picking up a little bit of lightning up to the north. this has been diminishing and we had a couple of lightning strikes across loudoun county but not seeing anything else. head's up fans at the game or if you are texting with someone out there, let them know there might be showers moving through in the next little while. good time to get in line for some food. it may be a few minutes before this gets through, maybe 30 minutes or so. we put the line together and it is moving steadily out of the shenandoah valley. it will cross the district around 7:00 or so and keep on moving out. clouds will lighten up. a lingering shower at 9:00 with a temperature of 74. this is the best news of all and clouds at 11:00 with a temperature of 72. meanwhile, temperatures today, 82 degres. d
and 73 in arlington. 83 in college park and 80 in vienna. the next three days, code green. isolated storm possible tomorrow. not enough to change your plans. upper 80s. maybe a shower friday, maybe a shower saturday. not enough to change your plans. temperatures in the upper 80s. next seven days, near 90 on sunday. maybe a shower, but it's still going to be a nice weekend. i know it sounds weird. but it's true. near 90 on sunday, monday, a chance of a thunderstorm monday and tuesday. and then we're dry again on wednesday, upper 80s. so we have a long time to track isaac. you can down load our hurricane tracker. >> there was wet stuff going on. >> apparently rain delays go hand in hand. kristen berset is there. have they started in maybe not. >> not so much. the grounds crew is out here clearing the rain off the tarp. so it slowed down a little bit, but it is still raining right now. like you said, rain has been good luck. they won the last three games that have been rain delayed. we'll talk about what the nats need to do to keep on rolling. they have a big game here in nats park. plus,
tonight, turn off the air, currently 83 arlington, 85 college park, even a sprinkling of 70s, 79 vienna, 78 in reston, still 84 in manassas. so great night for football, no doubt about. that maybe you want a light jacket for the game, probably upper 60s, low 70s before the game is over. rest the ac, warmer thursday, hot finish to the week, but humidity remains in check through friday. next three days keep it code green, fantastic tomorrow 88, 94 friday, hot but not humid and then 91 saturday, isolated thunderstorm possible, temperature still around 90. next seven days we get into sunday and labor day i've got isaac there and some of the remnants could throw us some moisture, showers and storms possible the second half of sunday, most of labor day back in the 80s, a leftover storm tuesday 91, partly cloudy next wednesday and 90. the unofficial end of summer, warm, temperatures in the 80s. i think we'll have to dance around a few storms. >>> we've got some good football weather tonight, you've done your part. kristen berset is happy to hear she's not going to be standing outside with trop
down a little bit. for example, berlin, 27 today. you have been in the 30s for a while. 32 in vienna. but, budapest, 37 degrees. not going to change much over the next several days. and madrid, another scorching day at 39. here is your extended forecast. >>> that's all for now on newsline. thank you very much for watching.
vienna, 82 springfield, 84 in arlington, 83 in college park. the baseball forecast great, 76 to 85 for your temperatures, winds out of the south at 7, clear skies, perfect night for baseball. headline, great night for baseball, not quite as cool, hotter tomorrow, not that humid, a little more humid saturday. the weekend is up to isaac. if it slows down, we may eke out a pretty decent weekend certainly through sunday anyway. tonight clear, mild, 64 to 72, winds out of the southwest at 10. in the burbs you're comfortable, not as comfortable as last night, but 64 gaithersburg, 65 in rockville. you get in town around the beltway you're right around 70, 72 in arlington, 65 reston and sterling and toward leesburg and middleburg and manassas. friday morning mostly sunny, warming up a little, temperatures in the 70s and 80s, winds out of the southwest at 10. by afternoon mostly sunny and hot but not that humid. that is the key. high temperatures near 95, winds west, southwest at 10. next three days, code green tomorrow. it's going to be hot but not humid, 94, isolated storm saturday, 91.
falls. 81 in vienna and 83 in fairfax. and very nice. 80 in bethesda and college park and 79 for you over in bowie. okay here is what we're looking at. just an isolated shower or storm tonight as we have seen it out in leesburg area in loudoun county as you can still walk the dog to open up the windows tonight. it will be very comfortable. a strong finish to the week for tomorrow. and kind of setting you up here. the weekend went downhill just a little bit since we last saw you this time yesterday. and for tonight, early isolated shower or storm. but then comfortable, lows in the 60s. now by morning, great shape. partly cloudy pleasant, temperatures are until the 60s and 7 -- temperatures are in the 60s and the 70s. but a strong finish to the week, partly cloudy, comfortably warm and high temperatures in the upper 80s. the next thee days, we'll keep it green, green, green with the showers increasing on saturday and sunday and nothing severe. 80 on saturday. and 83 on sunday. all right, we'll be warming back up on monday and tuesday, maybe a shower and we're in pretty good shape. temp
. 78 now, pressure rising 29.88 inches of mercury. look at the temps, 64 gaithersburg, 69 vienna. check this out, 65 in lovitzville and 68 in leesburg. ahead of the trough, once that goes through everybody will be in the 60s tonight. we're looking at a brief delay possible at the nats game. some storms tonight between 6:00 and 8:00. storms end by 10:00 across the entire metro area and it will be cool and comfortable overnight. our futurecast by 7:15, right about now, it kind of splits. one area of thunderstorms goes up towards i-95 in baltimore. another kind of hangs into southern maryland but dissipates a little bit. by 9:30 still in southern maryland and by 10:30 pretty much out into the bay. the next three days we'll keep it code green. yes, we have a chance of some showers and storms, nothing heavy, low 80s tomorrow and mid- 80s wednesday and thursday. next seven days temps stay in check. they go up a little bit next week but stay in check for the most part, shower possible friday, pretty nice day, mid- 80s, mid-80s saturday, maybe a sprinkle, upper 80s sunday and monday but really
in vienna, 79 great falls, 78 bethesda, 81 in college park. so great night for football, maybe a light jacket at the end of the game, might be in the upper 60s by then. give the ac a rest, warmer tomorrow, a hot finish to the week, but the good news, not as humid. we'll make it through the week without too much humidity coming back in. so tomorrow green, fantastic, 9 weather alert code green friday, hot, not humid, 94, saturday 91, isolated storm possible. we'll get a little bit unsettled sunday and later day because of isaac the chance for showers and thunderstorms really goes up especially on labor day. temperatures go back in the 80s because of cloud cover. we hover around 90 once again as we get into tuesday and wednesday next week. >> thank you, sir. we'll be back in a minute. >>> back on 9 news now, the national zoo will open a renovated section this coming saturday. the american trails exhibit will feature some seals, california sea lions, beavers, eagles, all kinds of wildfire. >>> in the mailbag tonight though some mild disappointment with our coverage of now tropical storm is
.96 inches of mercury. the temperatures are in the 80s. 85 in vienna. they aren't bad for temperatures, but it's humid outside. 87 college park. 86 over in bowie. so, headline, it's heating up a little bit. isolated storms mainly south. somewhat hot tomorrow. it will be hot on thursday and scattered storms continue. as we go through the week, a better and increasing chance of showers and storms. tonight rings early thunderstorm possible. some heavy. mainly south of town. 68 to 74. tomorrow morning, just very warm. temperatures flirting with 90 by lunchtime. 70s and 80s. and by afternoon, partly cloudy, almost hot. isolated storms. some could be heavy. high temperatures around 90. next three days, we'll keep it code yellow. storms tomorrow, 91. hot with storms on thursday, 93. big storms possible on friday as a cold front approaches. highs around 90. now the next seven days, kind of bad news. we'll have to linger showers and storms on saturday. yup. i know, the front won't go through. temperatures in the upper 80s. it will be nice on sunday and monday with upper 80s and back to 90 next
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